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Chickshaw Chicken Tractor is Complete, and we’re selling them!

Chicken Tractor Plans

We have finally completed our Chickshaw chicken tractor, originally designed by Justin Rhodes of Abundant Permaculture! ¬†We’ve been wanting a form of chicken tractor for years now in order to allow our chickens to easily enjoy fresh grass and target where they are fertalizing/digging ground. When my husband introduced me to Justin Rhodes last year, …

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Chicken Predator Identification: We Have a Raccoon

chicken predator identification

Well, folks. We’re dealing with another smorgasboard of murder and gore on the homestead this week. We’ve had our share of having to task ourselves with chicken predator identification. On our homestead, specifically, we’ve identified: Foxes Raccoons Weasels Hawk Possum Being in the mid-atlantic, this is to be expected. Oddly enough we’ve yet to deal …

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