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Quest for Eco-Friendly TV’s

While trying to gather information on environmentally sound Televisions for our readers, I happened upon an article. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I thought I would highlight some of the pertinent information and provide a link to the article below. As we all know, buying a television can be quite a big decision and quite an investment. Hopefully this will help in the effort to include the environment as part of that decision making process.

For instance, did you know this? I certainly didn’t…

“Standby Power Consumption is what ENERGY STAR uses to rate TVs today. This is the energy your TV uses while it is just sitting there during the day. It is the lowest power consumption mode that cannot be switched OFF by a homeowner. To qualify for ENERGY STAR a television must not exceed 1 watt of power consumption in Standby Mode. The Department of Energy says, that Standby power consumption of an ENERGY STAR compliant TV uses about 30% less energy than standard sets.

As of today, there is NOT an ENERGY STAR rating for On Mode Power Consumption. On Mode is the one we are probably most aware of…you know, this is the mode our kids like to use when they leave their rooms and run outside. In September 2008, ENERGY STAR will produce ratings for television On Mode power consumption (this is really great). Right now it looks like a 37″ LCD like the ones we present below, would be allowed to consume no more than 190W of On Mode power – estimate.

Today, don’t let an ENERGY STAR logo fool you. This is only a logo for Standby Mode. How misleading can this be? Well, the most efficient television on the ENERGY STAR list is from Hewlett-Packard (HP) with a Standby Mode consumption of 0.3W, but in On Mode this TV consumes 220W – the highest consumption device on the list! Not good.”

Find out how they ranked…

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