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Great Eco-Geek Gifts for this Holiday Season

Looking for a great gift for your environmentally conscious geek? Well, we have gathered some products that just may be your answer.

Eco-Geek Gifts 2007 | Earth-Byte.com#1 USBCell AA Batteries
Taking rechargeable batteries to a whole new level. Simply flip back the cap and plug these into any powered USB port to recharge them. A great alternative to disposable alkaline batteries. Works just like any standard AA battery and fully charges in 5 hours. List price for a two-pack $16.95.

Eco-Geek Gifts 2007 | Earth-Byte.com#2 Bamboo Computer Accessories
I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching wooden PC cases, how to make them, what to use, etc… but this has seriously peaked my interest. Computer peripherals composed not of wood, but grass… bamboo to be exact. Bamboo is considered to be a very sustainable resource, and thus a very eco-friendly substitution for deadly PVC. Monitors start at around $350, and range in size, and make sure to pick up a matching keyboard and mouse while you are at it!

Eco-Geek Gifts 2007 | Earth-Byte.com#3 Plextor PlexEraser
Data security is increasingly becoming one of the biggest security risks out there, and sometimes the best way to protect that data is to eliminate it. As a result, CD and DVD shredders have become increasingly popular. However, when destroyed in this manner, some discs release toxic particles into the air. Plextor has introduced the PlexEraser to combat this issue. Data is destroyed by placing the disc into the unit and letting it run for approximately 6 minutes, allowing you to recycle the disc whole. List Price $235.99

Eco-Geek Gifts 2007 | Earth-Byte.com#4 Citizen Eco-Drive Watch
A good watch is hard to find, and quite honestly I can’t seem to find one that fits or that I can keep from losing. However, this definitely peaked my interest. Citizen Eco-Drive watches use a solar conversion panel and energy cell to power themselves. It has the ability to use light from any source to generate a limitless and free source of power. It is claimed to work up to four years in the dark. Prices start at around $100.

Eco-Geek Gifts 2007 | Earth-Byte.com#5 Wattson
Wattson is a energy monitoring device that can tell you exactly how much power your home is using, and thus when you turn off appliances, lights, computers, etc, you can determine how much energy said device is using. It works by placing a unit near the home’s origin of power, which then transmits the data to the wireless handheld display. The Wattson can also give you the overall cost per year that a device, or your entire home will be. Current Prices are around $500.

Eco-Geek Gifts 2007 | Earth-Byte.com#6 Solar SeV Jacket
What could possibly scream eco-geek more than having a solar panel strapped to your back? That’s right, not a thing. The Solar SeV Jacket’s “Personal Area Network” gives you over 30 concealed pockets to store all of your gizmo’s, complete with channels to keep them wired up and charged. A middleman battery charges most USB-chargeable devices such as cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, etc. Direct sunlight will give a full charge in just a few hours. Prices start at a little over $400 USD.

Eco-Geek Gifts 2007 | Earth-Byte.comAvailable Soon! HYmini Wind-Powered Gadget Charger

This little gadget should be available by the end of the month. It is a handheld all in one powerhouse of sorts. Here’s what the manufacturer has to say about it.

“Spend an hour outside in the sun with HYmini and you’ll get enough power for 2 full hours of MP3 playtime. Ride your bike for an hour, with HYmini strapped on your arm, or mounted on the handlebars, and you’ll have enough power for over 50 digital photos or about 15 extra minutes on your cell phone. Mount HYmini on a car window, drive about 40 MPR, and you’ll generate enough power to listen to over 8 hours of music on your MP3 or chat on your cell for over 40 minutes.”

Certainly enough to peak my interest. And the estimated price is around $50.

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