4 Ways for an Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving

1. Biodiversity. 99 percent of the turkey eaten in the U.S. comes from a single breed. Choosing alternative “heritage” turkeys helps to preserve biodiversity and supports sustainable farming methods. Order one online at heritagefoodusa.com

2. Buy Local Obviously it is always recommended to buy local. There are many farmers that raise turkeys and will even kill and cut them up fresh for you (my uncle is one of them). Raising and killing our own turkey’s has been a family tradition of mine since I was born. So I always know where my turkey comes from each holiday.

3. Avoid or Prepare for Holiday Travel. If you don’t have to travel, don’t. If you do have to travel, prepare your vehicle to be as sufficient as possible by checking the tire pressure, carpool as much as possible. And if flying, purchase carbon credits to offset the pollution you will be creating.

4. Buy Organic. Why not make all of your dishes this year from organic and wholesome foods? Treat your family this year by making sure there are no chemicals or processed foods on your thanksgiving table.

Crystal Groves

Crystal Groves

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